Mexican Plow
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Mexican Plow

Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography is divided into two groups. First there is a set of references relating to the value issues involved. Then there are references relating to the engineering issues.

Value Issues

Gifford, R.D. Agricultural Mechanization in Development. Rome: FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 45, 1981.

An indispensable collection of data on what does and does not work in rural mechanization. Published by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

Grindle, Merilee S.Official Interpretations of Rural Underdevelopment: Mexico in the 1970s, Working Papers in US-Mexican Studies. Vol. 20. San Diego: University of California, 1981.

Tables and sources for understanding what government agricultural policies were implemented by Mexico during the 1970s.

Leagans, J. Paul. Adoption of Modern Agricultural Technology by Small Farm Operators. Cornell International Agricultural Mimeograph 69, June 1979.

Addresses the question of how we can increase adoption of technology in developing countries.

Sheridan, Thomas E. Where the Dove Calls. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1988.

Discusses the political ideology of peasant farmers in northwestern Mexico.

Thompson, Paul B. "Ethics in Agricultural Research." Journal of Agricultural Ethics. Vol. 1, pp. 11–20.

Focuses on ways in which utilitarian considerations in agricultural research effect the design of agricultural technology.

Yates, Paul Lamartine. Mexico's Agricultural Dilemma. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 1981.

Survey of the history and the development of Mexico's agricultural sector through the 1970s.

Engineering Issues

ASAE Standards (1990), Code D497, pp. 285–291.

Data on farm machinery operation parameters.

Bowers, Wendell. Machinery Management. Moline: John Deere and Co., 1975.

A guide to the method of estimating the amount of tractor power needed for different tractor weights, plot sizes, etc.

Crossley, Peter and Kilgour, John. Small Farm Mechanization for Developing Countries. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 1983.

A standard reference for data on designing small farm equipment for developing countries.

Eckaus, Richard S. Appropriate Technologies for Developing Countries. Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences, 1977.

Considers the level of technology that is needed for developing countries and the design process for technology.

Goering, Carroll E. Engine and Tractor Power. Boston: PWS Publishers, 1986.

A textbook concentrating on the more technical aspects of engine design. For use as a secondary source.

Wilkinson, Robert H. and Braunback, Oscar A. Elements of Agricultural Machinery. Rome: FAO Agricultural Services Bulletin 12, Suppl. No. 1, 1977.

Good explanation of the different types of plows available.

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