The Desert Passage
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The Desert Passage

DESERT PASSAGE is a 500,000 sq. ft. world-class retail, entertainment and dining destination positioned at the center of Las Vegas Boulevard within the Aladdin Hotel and Casino, and features over 130 world class and one-of-a-kind retail concepts as well as 14 of the world's finest restaurateurs. 

The Desert Passage - Logo
The Desert Passage
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DESERT PASSAGE is a world-class destination, offering the desert's most extraordinary collection of sophisticated retailers, internationally-renowned cuisine, sensational nightlife, and an unmatched collection of fashions for the home and body, all in an authentically created environment which captures the romance of a grand adventure. Four unique merchandising and design zones inspired by ancient desert trade routes from Morocco across North Africa provide exceptional, authentic environments for retailers, specialty stores, culinary destinations and a wide variety of exotic merchants. DESERT PASSAGE will transport guests to the world's most exotic marketplaces.

Location: Heart of the Las Vegas Strip: Adjoining the New Aladdin Resort & Casino Adjacent to the new Paris Resort Across from Bellagio

Opening Date: August 17, 2000

Shopping Adventure: which leads travelers through the world's most exotic regions, from Morocco through Africa and on to the Arabian Sea and India.

Square Footage: 500,000 square feet 130 stores 14 restaurants Adjoining Aladdin Resort & Casino: $1 billion complex includes: 500,000 square foot Desert Passage Shopping Adventure, 34-acre site 2,600-room hotel, 100,000 square foot casino, 7,000 seat Theatre for the Performing Arts, 35,000 square foot luxury gaming salon by London Clubs International

Design Partners
Design/Project/Architect: RTKL

Project Manager: Tracy Luebbers
Project Architect: Mark DeMarta
Design Architect: Kevin Horn
Theme Contractor: KHS&S

General Contractor Exterior: Fluor Daniel
Interior: Whiting-Turner
Theme Consultants: Rockwell Group
Dean Tavoularis
Todd Oldham

Desert Passage - Special Features
"We've created an adventure so complete, guests will feel they are traveling along the streets of the great market cities of Tangier, Fez, and Marrakech," says Lee H Wagman, president and chief executive officer of TrizecHahn Development Corporation.

Location: 800 feet street level access to the Strip
Adjacent to the new Paris Las Vegas Hotel and directly across from the acclaimed Bellagio at what is now considered the "50-yard line" of Las Vegas Boulevard

Access: 800 feet street level access to the Strip
Shopping Adventure wraps around the Aladdin Resort & Casino complex
Multiple entry points and valet service from Las Vegas Blvd., Audrie, Harmon Ave.
Adjoining 6,000 space parking garage

Authentic antiques and artifacts, glazed mosaic tiles, custom stencil patterns and color palettes, Moorish archways and patterned iron grills demonstrate the architectural detail
TrizecHahn worked directly with the Moroccan Government to create a comprehensive presentation of entertainment elements which thoroughly articulate the customs of desert lands.

Programming will juxtapose to "techno performance" based entertainment to surround guests in an entirely "live" presentation of artistry and music.

130 stores and 14 restaurants are arranged into a series of merchandising districts which blend architectural styles encountered along a journey from the deserts of Morocco to the farthest reaches of India.

Each of the destination's retail and restaurant facades have been custom-designed from floor to roof

The only destination on the south end of the Strip which satisfies the longing for tourists' number one preferred activity?shopping

The definitive destination for designer and trend-setting fashions, health and beauty products, home décor, internationally-renowned cuisine and nightlife

14 of the world's premier restaurants which encompass 130,000 square feet

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