BP Oil Spill Containment Ideas
Staff posted on June 15, 2010 |
Containment ideas from ENGINEERING.com users for the BP oil spill.


Now ever since we started the Engineering.com Eagle Team we have had some really great ideas proposed that should catch the interest of BP, the White House and even the EPA. Read More




With the hurricane season approaching, the members of the Eagle Team remain concerned about the imminent dangers posed by the combination of oil water and hurricanes. Read More




The EPA is now participating in the Interagency Alternative Technology Assessment Program – a cross-government effort to address and evaluate possible technology solutions for the oil spill response efforts. If you have an idea you think will work, please let EPA know.




The latest addition to the series is a solution which makes use of retired Super Oil Tanker. Read More




It is scary how the BP disaster and the approach thereof is similar to previous oil spills. Watch the Video




In order to proceed here I will offer some observations to everyone first. This isn’t the first spill to have ever occurred... Read More




Screen shots show a representation of a Blow out Preventer like BP has on the bottom in the Gulf. It also shows my idea of a Top Hat which will be the main focus. Read More




What can you do as an engineer or experienced person that works in this industry or even as a layman who might have a pretty good idea about this. SHARE IT HERE. POST A COMMENT. Read More



Controlled sinking of an oil tanker with a hole cut in the bottom to fit over the well head. Read More


Drill a hole parallel to the hole with the oil leak close to the leak and at least 100 feet down. Place an implosion devise at the bottom of the new hole and then fill the new hole with concrete. Read More


The following idea is credited to Mr. Isael Cervantes. " I am not an engineer, but I have lots of experience working for them and with them in the manufacturing sector. Here is the sketch that I made." Read More


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