Google Calculates Everything. Even Dodecahedrons.
Getting answers to math problems and graphing as easy as typing the equation into the Google search ...
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HP Makes Printers, Computers and… uh, Shoes
FitStation, 3D scanning and printing, for the perfect fit.
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The Garage – Birthplace of the Silicon Valley
HP buys back and renovates founder’s workshop. It was the first of many tech companies that would fl...
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A Slippery Slope. A Mudslide in Sierra Leone. What Happened?
The simple answer is: gravity. But why now? Why would a hillside, which has defied gravity for thous...
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Something Wicked Fast This Way Comes -- From Croatia
Rimac Automobli makes the fastest electric car in the world.
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Hyperloop – It Starts With Hype
Grumpy engineer not ready to jump on any hyped-up super project, even if it is Elon Musk's idea.
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The Most Shocking Hit in Football
Two fast NFL players will generate an un-survivable impact
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Smart Glasses Going to be Cool One Day
The next big thing in wearables will be on your face - if they can make it sexy
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Here’s Looking at You – Still. Google Glass for Industry
Ahead of its time for consumers but companies discovered Glass as productivity enhancer
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Score One for Humanity
Mall security robot falls down steps into pool
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That Will Never Work – A Grumpy Engineer on Computers Doing Real Design
A demo of the latest design technology again fails to impress our house skeptic
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Is This the Face of Artificial Intelligence?
IPsoft offers a blond, blue-eyed AI-powered interface for customer service application
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Math Genius Dead at 40
Maryam Mirzakhani was the first – and maybe the only --woman to win the coveted Fields Medal, the eq...
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nTopology Appears to be Filling a Void
Covering CAD is like being the gossip columnist at the old folks home. There’s little that startles....
More >> and TenLinks Merge Operations
TenLinks and, leaders in engineering and design media, announced today that they wil...
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US CROmnibus Bill to Create Manufacturing Hubs
A little-known piece of legislation tucked into the CROmnibus will create manufacturing hubs in the ...
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New York City Takes Steps to Incubate Wearable Fashion and Technology Epicenter
Wearable tech and high fashion are quickly merging. Can NYC become home to a new technology hub?
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The Role of Scorecards and Dashboards in Performance Management
Do metrics and scorecards have a place in determining managerial performance? If so, what exactly sh...
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Industry Crib Sheet: China's Manufacturing Slump Deepens

China's manufacturing sector remained flat in November while production output contracted for the fi... More >>
Accountability Is the Game-Changer in Business Relationships
Accountability can be a game-changer in business. Are you walking the walk?
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Steel Price Forecast for 2015: It Might Get 'Ugly'
Industry Market Trends: Steel Price Forecast for 2015: It Might Get 'Ugly'.
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5 Keys to Producing Successful Sustainability Reports
More than 90% of the world’s most profitable orgs use sustainability reporting. Does it help t...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Obama Makes More Manufacturing Moves

President Barack Obama last week announced his latest round of pro-manufacturing initiativ... More >>
Engineers Need Intangible Soft Skills to Stand Out and Succeed
What can an engineer do to stand out and succeed? Are well developed soft skills needed?
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Industry Crib Sheet: China Manufacturing Sees Modest Rise; U.S. Slows
Industry Crib Sheet: China Manufacturing Sees Modest Rise as the U.S. Slows heading into the 4th qua...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Industrial Production Jumps in September
Industry Crib Sheet: Industrial Production Jumps in September & Machine Tool Sales Tick Up with ...
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Businesses Could Feel Pain from Ebola-Stricken Supply Chains
Could Businesses Feel Pain from Ebola-Stricken Supply Chains?
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Industry Crib Sheet: New R&D Institute to Join National Manufacturing Network
Industry Crib Sheet: New R&D Institute to Join National Manufacturing Network & Bigger Indus...
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PLM Market Faces Challenges, Hints at Possibilities
The PLM market is heading towards change. What's in PLM's future? Verdi Ogewell has a few ideas.
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Industry Crib Sheet: China Manufacturing Expands Modestly in September

China’s manufacturing sector gained slightly in September on new domestic and export orders an... More >>
Why Risk Is Critical to Quality Management: 3 Functional Ways
How does risk become a critical component of Quality Management? Paul Leavoy explains.
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Auto Plastics’ Future Is in Biomaterials and Nanotechnology

The global automotive plastics industry is experiencing strong growth. A recent Grand View Research ... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: Industrial Production Dips on Manufacturing Slowdown
Industry Crib Sheet: Industrial Production Dips on Manufacturing Slowdown but Machine Tool Demand Bu...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Manufacturing Expected to Continue to Rumble
Industry Crib Sheet: MFG expected to continue to rumble, but Job Growth cools in August. What's goin...
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Smart Companies Leverage Green Supply Chains for Competitive Benefits
Smart companies are leverage Green Supply Chains for competitive benefits. But how are they implemen...
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Wearable Technologies Could Make Manufacturing Immersive Hyper-Experience
Wearable Technologies Could Make manufacturing an immersive, hyper-experience. Will it benefit produ...
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Industry Crib Sheet: China Manufacturing Loses Growth Grip
Industry Crib Sheet: China Manufacturing Loses Growth Grip & Equipment Finance Industry Downgrad...
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The Case for Common Management Systems, Despite the Barriers
Management Systems, like the ISO standard, are hard to build, but despite the barriers they're worth...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Manufacturing Drives July Industrial Production
Industry Crib Sheet: Manufacturing Drives July Industrial Production as Small Business confidence ti...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Strong Factory Orders Hint at Economic Momentum

Orders to U.S. factories for manufactured goods rebounded in June with a 1.1 percent rise in new boo... More >>
Are Part Numbers Too Smart for Their Own Good?
For decades smart parts numbers have defined what & where parts fit into a design. But are part ...
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Industry Crib Sheet: Jobs Streak Continues on Heels of Strong Q2 GDP
US Jobs growth streak continues on the heels of strong Q2 GDP, but companies struggle working with c...
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EQMS Destroys the Silos of Traditional Quality Management
How can you team get an enterprise wide view of quality management? We've got a few tips. 
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Next-Gen Financial Analytics Drive Manufacturing Into Profitability

Yet another benefit emerging from the new technology-enabled shop floor is the power to apply financ... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: Autos Driving Otherwise Stalling Retail Sales

Retail sales have risen four straight months but a weak May is a cause for concern among economists ... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: Industrial Production Bounces Back in May

U.S. industrial production rebounded in May with a 0.6 percent expansion, the latest encouragin... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: Healthy Job Growth Again in May

U.S. employers added 217,000 jobs in May, beating economist forecasts and fueling the best four-mont... More >>
Industrial Energy Management Drills Down to the Core

Industrial energy management systems (IEMS) are helping to improve manufacturing operations, as deci... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: ISM Manufacturing Index Slows Down in May

The manufacturing sector slowed down in May but still grew for the 12th straight month, according to... More >>
Industry Crib Sheet: U.S. Robotics Market Sees 2nd-Best Quarter Ever

The robotics market in North America posted its second-highest quarter ever in terms of robots order... More >>

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