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I want to design an axial flow fan which can deliver
1-2m/s to the plants at .6m from the fan... It should be a small compact fan.

1)How should I select the fan?What should be the parameters I should consider.?

2)The plants are placed in a sealed chamber with dimensions 1mX.5mX1m .

3)How can I find out the area(A )for flow rate measurement. (Q=A*V)?
Is it pi*D*D/4 where D is the diameter of the blade.

Please help....

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Is there a specific reason why you want to design the fan from scratch instead of specifying the fan and identifying an off-the-shelf commercial product?

There are literally thousands of fans which would be able to provide the flow rates / air speed you are looking for.

You will need more than just the velocity of the air at 0.6m for the fan before you can find that fan. You also need to know the total air flow, but you should be able to determine that from the working area you have provided.

As for question number 3. If you are talking about a single axial fan then yes you are correct that would determine the total volume flow at the fan exit, but remember you are making the measurement 0.6m away so the area will be larger.

Niel Leon

10 years ago


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