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Mechanical Engineer Interview View All
I need to interview a mechanical engineer for a project in my high
school English class. If any would take the time to answer a few
questions, that would be amazing.

1. “What aspect of Mechanical Engineering do you find the most

2. "What field are you currently engaged in?"

3. "What processes are you involved in?"

4. “How do you go about troubleshoot a complicated system?”

5. "Could you please describe your particular job and duties."

6. "What part of your job do you most enjoy?"

7. “A situation where you could not meet a deadline?”

8. "How do you deal with team members that don't like you?"

9. “How you find a solution when your group had differing opinions”

10. "How many hours do you work weekly?"

11. "How much time do you spend on research?"

12. "What's your email address for further contact?"

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