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How far away are robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence as a part of the common person's daily life? View All
How long will it be before we see robots in our everyday lives similar to those in I Robot or AI: Artificial Intelligence?

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sandeep murugesh
Not really far.Robots will become a common thing in households like television in about 20 years at the most .Till now robots have been mainly used for heavy duty purposes in industries.But now robots with soft touch have been developed.That is for eg -they can hold a egg without breaking it and can do many other soft jobs.In the future we will have robotic chefs,chauffeurs and what not!.There is already an robotic police on patrol in the Russia streets.(not sure about the country).Robots are already in use in households for many odd jobs.Like cleaning the floor,keeping company,baby sitting(kind of)...

14 years ago


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