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Mike Wifado
CATIA..Is it worth to study? View All

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John Blawish
CATIA designers are among the more in demand if that's the direction you're pursuing, if you are considering CAD as a supplement to an engineering degree, I'd say that's definitely worth it as well. A good working knowledge of the groups an engineer is going to interact is very important to success.

16 years ago

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In the end, all the CAD systems do similar things, its how they go about getting to the end result.

As long as you understand the design process, its not that difficult to move from one system to another. That being said, it takes time to learn and be proficent with each systems user interface.

We recently hired 3 bodies, one designer and two detailers. One of the primary items the boss looked for on resumes was CATIA experience because that is our primary software. We ended up hiring three university grads who had experience with CATIA from school.

Yes, its worth studying if your in school for it will give you a leg up upon graduation. If you have graduated, or are unemployed, it helps open up some more employment doors.

16 years ago


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