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I have a dilemma on whether or not to continue with the course I am currently following View All
I am currently a student following a full time degree program in Computer Science. Since my child hood I have been amazed and excited about the way mathematics work and I have been a really good student in it. In fact I have an A grade for A/L Combined Mathematics. But due to the competitiveness and the lack of Universities in my country I could only get into the University to follow a Computer Science Degree. I serious don't like the coding and programming aspects of this degree and I dearly miss solving those crunching sums I used to do. Computer Science does not offer me that. As a result I am performing very poorly. I am having second thoughts on this degree after 1 and a half year into it. Is it advisable for me to spend some money to go to some University abroad to do an Engineering degree like Mechatronics doing which I would be happy and enthusiastic on studying what I do best - Mathematics.

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if you are not happy now, you will never be. Get out while you still can and pursue what you want to do. I have a mountain of student loan payments and it doesnt really matter because I enjoy what I do (design engineer) and I know it will work out in the end.

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