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There is a strong aviation background in me and a love of design and how things work. I'm 27 in the Navy as a Avionics Tech and have been out of school for almost 10 years. I never did well in school simply because I didn't try and it was a TERRIBLE place all around unless you played football. My highest level of math was trig and I never got to take any physics classes but enjoyed science.

I've never quit anything I put my mind to and don't intend to start in college. Where could I go to see some real world examples of what AE's do day to day. Like I said, I love design and understanding how and why things work. I remember being eight years old, calling the patent office for my ideas and drawings! I think it would be a good match intellectually but I'm not sure if I can get up to par with the Physics. I've never struggled with math when I applied myself, but I didn't get very far.

Thank you.

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I am of the opinion that much of physics is just being able to do the math and come up with solution strategies. The math skills are the real foundation though. As a current non-traditional student in my senior year my recommendation would be to get into a calculus course as soon as possible, ie over the summer, and see if you can make it through. Calculus is CENTRAL to being able to get through any engineering program. The other suggestion that I have if you go back to school is to treat it as a job. Remember, you are not there to party or play video games, and that money from student loans is not free, so the time in school is a major investment if you don't make it. Good luck, and remember, if you can make it through the math, you can at least find some engineering discipline that you can make it through, so you will be able to pay the loans off in the end.

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