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what type of engineering does audio equipment design fall under? (like headphones and stereos.) View All
> I am on the break of starting my very own business in the line of audio equipment, but the technology that is incorporated into this device require the assistance of an engineer. My problem is that I have little to no knowledge in which engineer i should be pursuing to benefit me the most. Can you shed some light on my situation please?

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Audio Engineering is a broad and varied field. Audio and sound equipment fall into the Sound Engineer (Technician) realm of expertise. Engineering as a science does not contain a discipline for audio or sound engineering so it is usually contained under Electrical Engineering. The Audio Engineering Society (AES) is making great strides in creating a structured discipline that may one day become a scientific degree but that day is still very far off. The AES does have a search engine where you can find a qualified Audio Engineer.

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I have a friend that is an acoustical engineer, and some audio equipment design could be linked to acoustics, but in general, I agree that electrical engineering (my field) is the most pertinent engineering discipline for audio design.

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