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Please help with plan to make a portable PVC contraption to hold up a 4-foot mirror View All
I am not an engineer. :-) I work in dog training and am trying to design a very simple PVC device to hold mirrors that are 4-foot 2" by 1-foot 1-1/2" This is a photo of my first attempt. I would like to have something on the bottom so when I lift the mirror when it is attached to the holder, the mirror doesn't slide down. I also wondered if there were a better way to secure the mirror outside of the small bugee cords I wrapped around it. I'm looking to keep the contraption light and as simple as possible. This one looks simple, but it took some finagling to get the center pieces straight. I used 1/2" PVC here. Thank you for any further ideas.

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Hmmm...why didn't the picture post? I made it small enough. Here is a link, then, to the picture of the one I made.

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